"Spawn" Namesake Al Simmons Pens Memoir

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A story about the lives of the creator, Todd McFarlane, the character he created, and the man behind the mask of Spawn, the real Al Simmons.

In his new book 'The Art of Being Spawn', long time friend of McFarlane (and namesake of his famous anti-hero) Simmons reveals an insider's perspective on McFarlane and what it means to be the face of the best-selling superhero, walking readers through the highs and lows of his past 20 years within the McFarlane companies' empire. A super-heroic tale about friendship and business proves that a single phone call can change a life and that truth can be more fantastic than fiction.

Often described as a rebellious entrepreneur, comic book artist Todd McFarlane, discusses his business forays into professional sports, action figures, movies, and video games and what Al Simmons means to both him and his character.

The Art of Being Spawn (275-300 pp, hardcover, $23.99) features unique QR codes instantly linking the reader with never-before-seen photographs and videos at www.simmons-spawn.com

The Spawn comic sold 1.7 million copies when it debuted nearly 20 years ago and has sold millions more world wide. The success of Spawn as an independent comic book was followed by a full-length feature film by New Line Cinema, an Emmy award-winning HBO animated mini-series as well as a Grammy award-winning music video, action figures, and video games.

Keep track of new developments at www.simmons-spawn.com, youtube.com/imalsimmons and Twitter @AlSimmonsSpawn

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