"Spawn" Featured on MySpace Comic Books!

In conjunction with myspace.com and to help celebrate the release of the upcoming SPAWN: NEW FLESH trade, we are releasing the first issue of the new Spawn world; SPAWN: Issue 166, for FREE! Now's your chance to get caught up with the new Spawn team you've been hearing so much about. Spawn has recreated the world but it's not exactly the way it's supposed to be. Everything old is new again!

With bonus behind the scenes extras, SPAWN: NEW FLESH details the making of Spawn from thumbnail to final color, as well as an 8 page Christmas Spawn story from the Image Holiday Special.

The New Flesh trade contains issues 166-169, written by David Hine and art by Brian Haberlin. To read the FREE online version of SPAWN Issue 166, visit www.myspace.com/comicbooks now! The Comic is available in both jpg and cbz formats for high quality viewing at http://myspace.com/comicbooks

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