Spawn’s 10 Most Devastating Powers, Ranked

Long ago, Albert Francis Simmons worked as a highly operative for the CIA. Al was the best of the best. If he had a job to do, he'd see it through - no mountain too high, no river too deep. Al turned the act of killing into an art form. Just like all great artists, Al had his fair share of detractors and rivals. Eventually, Al's enemies set him up on a suicide mission.

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Simmons took the bait and died in the line of duty. Al's life as a contract killer earned him a one-way ticket to Hell! Once there, the evil Malebogia struck a deal with Al - Simmons could return to Earth only if he became a Hellspawn. Al accepted his new role and eventually broke free of Malebogia's influence. Since then, he's used his Hellspawn powers to protect the innocent. Today, we're going to rank 10 of Spawn's most devastating powers and show you just how mighty this anti-hero is.

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10 Summoning

Al can summon 'creatures of the Black' to his side. These shadowy monsters remind us of Jackie Estacado's Darklings. Granted, the creatures of the Black aren't anywhere near as charming as Jackie's minions. Nevertheless, Al's familiars are loyal and will fight with him to the bitter end.

Spawn can also mentally control wild animals and have them do his bidding. Specifically, Al can control 'creatures of evil' like wolves, bears, and bats. Al's summoning and animal control abilities rank so lowly because they don't help him that much against major threats; wolves and imps are great against common crooks, but the Violator would absolutely waste any of Al's summons.

9 Shape-Shifting

This is one of the first abilities that Al used early in his career. When Simmons first returned to Earth, he came back scarred and disfigured. Al wanted to visit his wife Wanda and knew that he couldn't get close if he looked like a monster.

Spawn put all his effort into looking like a normal person. Al partially succeeded, accidentally transforming into a blonde haired, blue eyed white man. Since those early issues, Al's gained much greater mastery over this power. These days, shapeshifting is one of Spawn's more understated powers - he often changes individual parts of his body instead of completely transforming.

8 Soul Manipulation

The ability to cleanse souls and use them as a form of currency is one of Spawn's more abstract powers. Soul manipulation has very strict uses, so Simmons doesn't rely on this ability much when it's time to fight. Instead, Al uses this ability to help the common person in times of need.

With this power, Spawn can purify people's souls and help prepare them for the afterlife. Al can also absorb peoples' sins as a way to power-up. Certain beings in the Image Comics Universe will also offer specific services in exchange for souls - not unlike Vulgrim from the Darksiders Universe.

7 Phasing

spawn header image

Eat your heart out Danny Phantom because Spawn can 'go ghost' too! The ability to become intangible and phase through solid matter is another of Al's more nuanced abilities. However, Simmons uses this power very often when he deals with more mundane enemies. If Al is chasing a serial killer and his prey hides in a locked room, Simmons will just phase inside and take him out.

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This ability also allows Spawn to dodge incoming attacks at a moment's notice. It's not uncommon to see Al phase through a barrage of bullets or ghost through a massive explosion. This power also allows Simmons to demoralize his foes, giving it an added psychological benefit.

6 Regeneration

Spawn has one of the best healing factors in comics, as he can recover from almost any injury. You can shoot him, stab him, blow him up, and burn him with Hellfire, and Al will keep on trucking! Back in the day, the only injury that Simmons couldn't heal from was decapitation. However, that weakness no longer applies as Al can regrow his head!

Only weapons that are magical or that come from Heaven can seriously hurt Spawn. In the old comics, these weapons would inflict lasting damage. Currently, Al can heal from these injuries as well - albeit at a much slower rate.

5 Telekinesis

spawn todd mcfarlane image comics

Do you know those scenes in horror movies where doors and windows slam shut on their own? Spawn can use telekinesis to do the exact same thing! Al Simmons can move objects with his mind with little to no effort. At the moment, Al hasn't used this power on a large scale. But we've seen him use it in tandem with his other skills.

Spawn will use his telekinesis to pick up weapons that are out of reach. He also uses this strange power corner criminals that are on the run. Contrary to popular belief, Al doesn't use telekinesis to control his suit's chains.

4 K7-Leetha


Speaking of Al's suit, let's talk about K7-Leetha! Technically, Leetha is a piece of equipment that Spawn uses and not an innate power. Each Hellspawn owns a costume that's similar to Leetha in theory. In practice, K7-Leetha is unlike anything else in the Image Comics Universe. Leetha not only has an iconic look but also shares a special relationship with Al.

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All the cool stuff that Al can do with his suit is due to his symbiotic link with Leetha. Simmons can fire off a barrage of chains and pull weapons out of thin air thanks to Leetha. His cape can also do some pretty cool things and pretty much has a mind of its own.

3 Traditional 'Flying Brick' Kit

In the world of comic books, a 'Flying Brick' is a character that possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed, endurance, and the gift of flight. Think characters like Superman and The Sentry. Spawn innately has access to these powers, making him a very formidable fighter. Add in all of the other abilities that we've listed so far and you start to see how powerful Al really is.

To date, we've seen Al lift gigantic foes and heavy pieces of equipment like feathers. We've also witnessed Spawn move faster than the human eye can comprehend! Simmons is also a very competent flier who can glide through the air with ease.

2 Portal Creation

Portal creation is one of Al's lesser-known powers. When most people think of Spawn, they think about chains, guns, and a massive red cape. But just like Chel from the Portal series, Al can cross vast distances in the blink of an eye.

With the twitch of a finger, Spawn can also create inter-dimensional portals. Simmons can travel between Earth, Heaven, and Hell in an instant. He can also leave these portals open for others. Unlike most of the other powers on this list, Al isn't often depicted creating portals. Here's hoping that the new Spawn movie will shed more light on this ability.

1 Necroplasmic Energy Manipulation

After reading about all of these feats, it probably seems like Al Simmons can do anything. Well, in a way, he can! Necroplasmic Energy Manipulation is Spawn's signature ability. Al can use a magical force called Necroplasm to achieve almost any end. We're not exaggerating by the way - Simmons can use Necroplasm to do anything he can imagine.

Spawn can use Necroplasm to transmute matter, shoot energy blasts, resurrect the dead, and so much more. Early on, Spawn used to have a set reserve of energy - 9,999 units to be exact. Spawn eventually reached that limit, fought his way out of the ensuing fallout, and is currently bound by it no longer.

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