Spawn #302 Covers Feature Todd McFarlane's All-New She-Spawn

Earlier this month, Spawn set the record for longest-running creator-owned comic book series and the Image Comics title is showing no signs of slowing down.

Image has unveiled creator Todd McFarlane's variant covers for Spawn #302 -- one with a trade dress and one without -- showing Spawn leading into battle alongside the new She-Spawn Jessica Priest.

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Following the events of the landmark issues #300 and record-breaking #301, Spawn had joined forces with two new heroes, The Reaper and Jessica Priest, aiding him in his ongoing war against the armies of Heaven and Hell. Additionally, Medieval Spawn has been teased to return though his true loyalties are still in question as the conflict rages on.

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With issue #301, Spawn had surpassed Dave Sim's Cerebus as the longest-running creator-owned comic series. McFarlane's series had launched in 1992 as one of Image's inaugural titles and a solid success for the creator-owned publisher, with the property later adapted into an animated series, live-action film and a new film currently in development with McFarlane at the helm.

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Spawn #302 is written by Todd McFarlane and illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander. It is scheduled to go on sale Nov. 6 from Image Comics.

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