McFarlane Shares J. Scott Campbell's Uncolored She-Spawn Art from #300

Todd McFarlane, the co-founder of Image Comics and creator of Spawn, has shared an uncolored She-Spawn panel from the history making Spawn #300.

The panel is pencelled by J. Scott Campbell and inked my McFarlane himself, who shared the image to Twitter. The fully-colored version of the page in question appears in Spawn #300, with which McFarlane has the world record for longest-running creator-owned comic book series with David Sims' Cerebus the Aardvark - which ended in 2004. In other words, starting with issue #301, Spawn could be the new record holder for a very long time.

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She-Spawn was originally Jessica Priest, who appeared for the first time in Spawn #61. As the series went on, it was revealed that she was the person who killed Al Simmons and thus, one of the main reasons he became a Spawn. However, what is less known is that Jessica being responsible for Al’s death was a retcon that came as a result of a character called Chapel -- who was being set up as the main suspect -- becoming unavailable to McFarlane.

Jessica Priest did appear as Al’s assassin in the 1997 Spawn film, but her comic book arc wasn’t completed then – it seems like McFarlane’s endgame for the character was always to become a Spawn (pretty ironic considering her surname.) Still, it wasn’t until Nyx -- the previous She-Spawn -- was killed that Jessica took over the role. In issue #300 it’s made abundantly clear that She-Spawn will be supporting Al Simmons' quest, and that they might even be able to smooth their complicated relationship.

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Spawn #300 is available now. Issue #301 goes on sale Oct. 9.

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