Spawn #300: Image Announces Brooding Jason Alexander Variant Cover

With three weeks to go until Spawn #300 arrives, Image Comics continues to build up hype by releasing new variant cover art. The latest is perhaps the darkest yet, depicting a grimmer Spawn than we've seen until this point.

Drawn by Jason Alexander (Empty Zone, Spawn), the cover shows Spawn perched atop a tombstone-esque number 300 that's accented with a skull and two severed heads. The image is striking, with Alexander's signature painted style adding extra layers of dread to a cover already dripping with macabre.

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This cover joins several others Image has unveiled thus far including those from J. Scott Campbell (Gen 13, Wildsiderz), Greg Capullo (Batman, Spawn), Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and Jerome Opeña (Seven to Eternity, Uncanny X-Force).

Created by Image Comics co-founder and President Todd McFarlane, Spawn follows former black-ops assassin Al Simmons, who sold his soul to Hell when he was murdered by his old employers. Rising as the undead antihero Spawn, Simmons finds himself defending the Earth from both supernatural and technological threats.

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With the publication of September's Spawn #301, the series will officially become the longest-running creator-owned title in mainstream North American comic books.

Spawn #300 goes on sale August 28 from Image Comics.

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