Spawn 2, X-Men 3, Superman Returns, Justice League: October 26th Comic Reel Wrap


Moviehole has some quotes from creator Todd McFarlane regarding work on a second cinematic adventure for his brimstone-powered protagonist. "In a perfect world, I'd like to put it out next year" the Image founder said, "I'm in the middle of writing it now. It depends how many times I go over the script. I might be quite pleased with it and get some notes from people I trust, but my guess is I'm probably gonna grind this thing over three or four or five times. I'd love to do production in the first half of the year and that means I could get it out in time Halloween of next year. It shouldn't be a long shoot. It's not an overly complicated story. It's fairly contained. Why? I don't have a big budget. I've got to keep the story consistent with the budget. I think we could shoot this thing in two months."


he XVerse has a major spoiler about another mutant vilainess joining the battle at the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently major media outlet USA Today will be announcing it any moment now, along with photos of the Juggernaut as well ...


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "Actress Parker Posey is facing damages of $11,260 after allegedly trashing the luxury Sydney apartment she has been sharing with her partner Jason Rail. Posey, 36, has been renting the lavish Potts Point flat while filming 'Superman Returns,' in which she plays the villainous Lex Luthor's girlfriend, Kitty Koslowski."


Comics Continuum notes that "Angel" vet, actor Alex Denisof, will provide the voice of the Mirror Master in the upcoming episode "Flash and Substance." Ron Perlman, the star of the "Hellboy" movie and the voice of Slade in "Teen Titans," reprises his role of Orion. Kim Mai Guest is providing the voice of Linda Park. She previously did the voice of Silver Banshee in Justice League. The episode is expected in November, but no date has been given.


According to Variety (subscription required), Paramount is in final negotiations with Brit filmmaker Matthew Vaughn ("Layer Cake") to direct and produce his adaptation of Neil Gaiman's adult fairy tale "Stardust." Vaughn penned the script with writing partner Jane Goldman. "Stardust," was originally set up at Dimension.


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