EXCLUSIVE: Delilah S. Dawson Returns to Comics With New Sparrowhawk Series

New York Times bestselling author Delilah S. Dawson is back at BOOM! Studios. Together with The Claw & Fang artist Matias Basla, the Ladycastle writer will launch a new five-issue limited series titled Sparrowhawk. CBR can exclusively reveal a first look at the series, which goes on sale this fall.

According to the series synopsis,

As the daughter of a Naval Captain born of two very different worlds, Artemesia has never fit in with her father’s family, nor the high-class life to which they belong in the complicated time that is London, 1851. However, when she is targeted by the Faerie Queen and pulled into another realm with even deadlier threats than she’s experienced in the Victorian Era, Art finds she has no choice but to try and save the world that has always hated her.

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"Dark and twisted but alive with hope, Sparrowhawk plunges you into a savagely beautiful world where I hope you, too, will want to earn your wings,” Dawson said in a statement. “You’ll meet a heroine who will spit her own blood in a fairy's face to survive; her mentor who happens to be a flying jackalope who can't lie... and yet still doesn't quite tell the truth; an evil fairy who refuses to kill; and the monstrous twin of Pumbaa from The Lion King. Get ready to join the fairy fight club that's one part Labyrinth, another part Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty and married to the beautiful visual landscape that Matias has created."

Sparrowhawk is one of the most of the inspiring stories I've read in a long time -- I knew I had to work on this after reading Delilah's amazing script,” Basla added. “As an artist, the series leaves me a lot of room to experiment in creating the look for a new, rich fantasy world that evolves in exciting ways with each issue.”

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“Delilah and Matias have crafted a beautiful, gripping story that takes readers on a journey to magical worlds and into combat with fantastic creatures, all with a special Victorian flair,” Chris Rosa, Editor, BOOM! Studios said. “But, at the heart of it, Sparrowhawk is about the timeless struggle to find acceptance in a world that so often defines us, and tries to confine us, by our appearance, or identity, what happens once someone pushes back against those oppressive structures.”

Dawson and Basla's Sparrowhawk #1 goes on sale in October. The debut issue will feature a main cover by Miguel Mercado and a variant cover by Stephanie Hans.

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