Sparks #2

Story by
Art by
JM Ringuet
Cover by

Want a sneak peak of what to expect from the quality of writing for the new Greatest American Hero comic book, look no farther than Catastrophic Comics Sparks issue 2 of 6 is out in stores this Wednesday. "This is a dark story with a lot of twists and turns, it's Casablanca meets Lost, but set in a super hero noir world, I am a big fan of story and that's why I released it as my title launch." stated William Katt actor and owner of Catastrophic Comics.

The series begins with a fallen super whose being hunted, Ian Sparks walking into the newsroom and claiming "I wants to report his murder" From there the story follows his climb to the top and in issue two Sparks faces-off against the notorious supercriminal Doctor Matanza and his entire life and reputation are in shambles.

Christopher Folino will be one the main writers for the Greatest American Hero series, his background includes writing and directing the comedy cult classic Gamers which came out on DVD in May 2008.

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