Space Riders #3

Story by
Art by
Alexis Ziritt
Letters by
Ryan Ferrier
Cover by
Black Mask


Wrongfully accused of attempted God Murder, Capitan Peligro, Mono, and Yara find themselves captured by an alien robot army. Meanwhile, an all powerful evil is gathering forces across the galaxy, and they're in hot pursuit of our heroes. Hold on to your butts as the Space Riders hunt for the Tomb of the Space Gods!

Alexis Ziritt's (The Package) insane art is both a throwback to classics like Jack Kirby, Fletcher Hanks, and Heavy Metal Magazine, while still having a modern sensibility that showcases his own unique style. Writer Fabian Rangel Jr. (Doc Unknown) manages to tame that craziness and tell a compelling and very human story. Space Riders becomes that rare middle ground that has something for everyone while never compromising.

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