Space Jam is Returning to Theaters for Its 20th Anniversary

In news that will make you feel your age, "Space Jam," the film that famously pit Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny against a team of super-powered alien athletes, turns 20 this year. The movie, which became a cornerstone of '90s nostalgia over the subsequent decades, and while rumors of a sequel have yet to become a reality, fans can check out the original live-action/animation hybrid in theaters once again -- for a limited time.

"Space Jam" will return to the big screen for two days in November, courtesy of Fathom Events (tickets on sale now), and will be also preceded by the CGI Looney Tunes short, "I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat," which originally ran before 2011's "Happy Feet Two."

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"'Space Jam' has been a family favorite for the last 20 years and is sure to remain so for the next 20 and beyond," Fathom Events vice President of Studio Relations Tom Lucas said in a press release. "This event is the perfect chance for audiences of all ages to view the film as it was meant to be seen—on the big screen.”

Released in 1996, "Space Jam" became an instant hit with fans of Looney Tunes and NBA superstars, and went on to gross over 230 million at the box office. Audiences hoping to relive the glory days of Michael Jordan -- and Wayne Knight -- can check out the special showings on November 13 and 16 at one of the 450 participating theaters.

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