EXCLUSIVE: Charest, Pichelli & Hitch Variants Debut Full Space Bandits Cast

Mark Millar's latest Millarworld/Netflix comic Space Bandits with Matteo Scalera is primed to cross roguish criminality with '80s neon style. And to help launch the series, the writer tapped a trinity of A-list collaborators to deliver variant covers.

But unlike the average cover, these pieces by Travis Charest, Bryan Hitch and Sara Pichelli don't just show off the stars of the book -- they give the first look at Space Bandits' full supporting cast. CBR has an exclusive first look at the covers, and with the info from our previous interview with Millar on the series, we can identify the intergalactic thieves who populate that world.

Pichelli's cover appears to give the first glimpse at a new character vital to the series. "Viggo Lust, is the most fun character I’ve ever written: '80s mullet, a total asshole and the most brilliant outfits," Millar explained. "What we in this country called shell-suits. I’m not sure what they called them in America, but he wears those bright, colorful sports casual-wear things and lots of bad gold jewelry."

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Hitch shows off the team who's set to betray one of the series' main characters. "One of these girls is the leader of the most bad-ass gang of thieves in the galaxy and on their final job they screw her over and leave her for dead," he said. "The other is part of a Bonnie and Clyde kind of outfit where she’s likewise betrayed and the two of them team up to go take down the men who screwed them over. This makes it sound only semi-insane, but believe me this is nuts."

Finally, Charest shows off a small but vital part of the book. "There’s another little character I love, a third member of the team, which is a telepathic white lizard Cody always has on her arm. This is the Joe Pesci of the dynamic," Millar said.

Space Bandits #1 arrives in stores this July from Image Comics.

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