'Space Ace' blasts off at CrossGen

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[Space Ace #1]Saving the universe, rescuing damsels in distress, battling malevolentmenaces, and experiencing puberty a second time. It's all in a day's workfor a hero, right?

SPACE ACE, based on legendary animator Don Bluth's cult classic video game,follows the intergalactic exploits of the amazing Ace, astro-babe Kimmy, andone-time nemesis Baby Borf, in a hilarious cosmic thrill ride. Brought toyou by CrossGen publishing client MVCreations, the six-issue all-agesadventure blasts off on August 20th.

"Building on our MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE series, MVCreations recently landedthe exclusive rights to produce comic books based on the hit video gameSpace Ace from the Don Bluth Group and Dragon's Lair, LLC," said MVCreationsMarketing Director Jonboy Meyers. "With popular '80s toy lines enjoyingsuccess in the comic book format, video games are a natural choice to begiven the illustrated treatment."

"As a kid I spent too much of my own lunch money playing video games, SpaceAce in particular," explained MVCreations Art Director Matt Tyree. "SpaceAce pushed the boundaries of what a video game could look like, and set thestandard for game graphics and quality game play."

"We've lined up some talented people for the series," stated MVCreationsPresident Val Staples. "Penning the book will be Robert Kirkman (Tech Jacketand Invincible), with pencils by up-and-comer Paulo Borges, and colors byPat Duke. It's shaping up to be one fantastic looking book! Robert's writingreally stays faithful to the story established in the original game, butputs his own patented spin on things. Expect a lot of high action and comedyto drive the story. Old fans and new fans alike will not be disappointed!"

"The art that MVCreations has produced is dropping a lot of jaws in theBullpen," stated CrossGen Director of Marketing & Communications BillRosemann. "It's amazing how closely they've captured the signature look ofDon Bluth's art. It's like discovering a Space Ace sequel game that we neverknew existed!"

"Will there be any other Bluth-created properties making their way into thecomic book format anytime soon? Absolutely," said Meyers. "Don created a lotof timeless properties which naturally translate into comics! So staytuned!"

Retailers and readers can order SPACE ACE #1 in the May edition of DiamondComics Distributor's Previews catalog.

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