<i>Space: 1999</i> Set to Relaunch

Space: 1999, the short-lived 1970s sci-fi drama that followed the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha as they hurtled through space after the Moon is knocked out of Earth's orbit, is poised for a television comeback.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ITV Studios America and HDFilms will reimagine the show, retitled Space: 2099, which has yet to be shopped to networks. HD Films President Jace Hall, who oversaw ABC's remake of V, will executive produce.

Originally broadcast from 1975 to 1977 in the United Kingdom by ITV and syndicated in the United States, Space: 1999 starred Martin Landau and Barbara Bain as the commander and head of medicine, respectively, of Moonbase Alpha, Earth's space research center. When nuclear waste humanity had been storing on the Moon detonated, it sent the satellite, with all 311 personnel stationed at Alpha, rocketing through space in search of a new home.

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