"Southern Bastards" Rip Apart the Confederate Flag in Variant Cover

Early Saturday afternoon, activists Brittany "Bree" Newsome and James Tyson were arrested after the former climbed a flagpole outside the South Carolina state Capitol building and removed the the Confederate battle flag that flew there. The flag has stirred up nationwide controversy in the wake of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre in Charleston.

Spurred by Newsome and Tyson's actions, artist Jason Latour shared an upcoming variant cover for "Southern Bastards" #10. "We were going to wait till next week to post this," Latour wrote on Facebook, "but in light of stuff happening at the SC capitol today, Jason and I think the timing is right." The powerful image sees a dog ripping the Confederate stars-and-bars and features the phrase, "Death to the Flag, Long Live the South."

According to Latour, he and writer Jason Aaron are "presently working on a way to offer proceeds from this SOUTHERN BASTARDS #10 variant to Charleston Shooting victims." Take a look at the cover below:

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