South Park: Randy Marsh Finally Addresses the Weed Problem at Home

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for South Park's Season 23 episode, "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special."

Randy Marsh has had a lot of trouble with his weed business, Tegridy Farms, in South Park Season 23. After cutting ties at long last with China, Randy's tried branching out into the marijuana burger business, but his stupid antics and love for guns saw him come under fire for animal cruelty, endangering his operations. His family aren't enjoying the business either, especially as he insists on keeping them on the outskirts of South Park so he can grow his cannabis in peace. However, with the town turning on them, Randy finally decides to address the family's weed problem, except the person who's thrown under the bus is his daughter Shelly -- and for all the wrong reasons.

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Shelly has been vocally against Randy's morals and ethics since he had the idea for this weed plantation last season. His son, Stan, and his wife, Sharon, have enabled him and played along, but Shelly has repeatedly told him this idea is destroying the family. The oblivious Randy has done a lot of stupid things, including moonlighting as Lorde, but the way he sold out to China and even killed Winnie the Pooh to get in Disney's good books, rank higher than usual, which is why Shelly's lashing out at the entire family for allowing this descent into madness.

Early on in the episode, Randy keeps chastizing Shelly for her beliefs, telling her she has a "marijuana problem" in what's a clear poke at the D.A.R.E. anti-drug campaigns in the '80s and '90s. She simply thinks weed smells bad and makes people "dumber than they already are," but her dad keeps reminding her of its benefits. Still, the obstinate Shelly keeps wishing it were illegal again, further enraged by Randy taking her to an exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He does it under the auspices of a father-daughter outing where they could bond, but as he draws attention to the ancient Egyptians using hemp rope, Shelly's enraged as she sees this was really another attempt to convince her about marijuana.

It comes to a head when she cooks up a chemical potion in their kitchen like an angry witch and douses his new weed strain, aptly titled "Halloween Special," altering it. Randy and Towelie are stunned at her witch's brew and think she's gone too far, becoming a crazy, violent hag. When Randy refuses to drive Shelly to a book fair on Halloween night, as he thinks she should stay and hang at his weed party, she destroys the packaged Halloween weed, prompting her father to call the police in to put her in jail for the night. She's placed in lockdown and in the slammer, the cops vilify her for her drug problem.

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They stand with Randy, rallying because even though the Tegridy brand has taken a hit, they want weed to still remain legal and believe Shelly's an evil activist. Randy gaslit everyone into thinking people like Shelly are the real problem plaguing South Park, and ultimately, they need to be conditioned into seeing the light. The issue doesn't get resolved but seeing as the Halloween strain causes major chaos with the partygoers later on, there's a sliver of a chance Randy might be coming around, though, sooner rather than later. Sadly, he's already put Shelly to shame, and it doesn't seem there'll be any coming back from this.

Starring Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park Season 23 airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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