South Park: Randy Marsh Wages A Narcos War - On His Own Marijuana Industry

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for South Park's Season 23 premiere, "Mexican Joker."

Randy Marsh became one of South Park's best characters in 2010 with "Medicinal Fried Chicken." When the town's KFC becomes a medicinal marijuana dispensary, he gives himself cancer so he can smoke for recreation, and other residents quickly follow suit.

Season 22 ended with Randy moving the outskirts of town, opening Tegridy Farms with his family, and finally achieving his ambition of supplying South Park with copious amounts of marijuana. However, in the Season 23 premiere, "Mexican Joker," Randy makes an about-face, opting to wage war on his own industry for self-gain.

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Randy's very much concerned when his inventory manager, Stan, reports numbers are dwindling and the demand isn't there anymore. He crunches numbers and it seems people aren't buying as much as before the season started, which leads to Randy going on a farmer's inquest, shockingly finding out South Park's citizens are indulging in homegrown weed. That's right, they're planting their seeds, acting as their own suppliers and it's catching like wildfire. No longer is Randy's business -- one that makes fun of how the coffee and craft beer industries have evolved -- viable as initially envisioned and so, he decides something must be done.

The landscape becomes similar to Netflix's Narcos as Randy's approached by hipsters known as MedMen, who want to invest in his company and unify with theirs (poking fun at the real-world marijuana moguls known as MedMen). They see him as having the experience, while they've got the cash to expand. The only thing standing in their way is the competition and they concoct a plan to scare people out of home-growing. Sadly, it's a terrorist plot that ties into the title of the episode because Randy becomes a bomber, leaving I.C.E. and the government thinking it's some Mexicans who are angry with how migrants are being treated.

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Randy wires the town's gardens after breaking into folks' yards with explosives and in an act that'd make Heath Ledger's Joker proud, he blows them all to kingdom come, killing innocent families along the way. It's gory, graphic and pulls no punches, as South Park usually tries to do. The disturbing thing is Randy doesn't see the sins he's committing, obsessed only with MedMen's potential and the profit to be made. He's so dumb he doesn't even understand when his family tells him that not only are these millennials using him, if he keeps bombing the competition, he's actually murdering his customers too.

But as is typical of Randy, he can't see the obvious and doesn't understand logic. He's on a mission as a Narcos head, looking at homes as cartels and enemies he has to take out. With I.C.E. going after Mexicans as the Joker and not Randy, he's pretty much in the clear to do whatever he wants, so it'll be intriguing when the cops do find out the terrorist is a full-blooded American who just cares about making money.

It remains to be seen how homeowners will fight back as it's their constitutional right to grow their own weed, and what new cartels will get involved, because as we know, Narcos wars usually involve several other players who want the drug trade to benefit them and them alone. So while Randy may be clearing out his competition, he could well be painting a target on his own back.

Starring Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park Season 23 airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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