South Park: Is Randy Marsh Looking to Cheat on His Wife With [SPOILER]?

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for South Park's 300th episode, "Shots!!!"

For its 300th episode, South Park tamped down the fanfare and stuck to the script, continuing to place Randy Marsh's marijuana business, Tegridy Farms, in the spotlight. He's celebrating a $300,000 profit now that he's selling weed to China, one of this season's most controversial plot points as Matt Stone and Trey Parker maintain their criticisms of that country.

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However, when Randy finds that his accomplishment isn't being praised by his own family, he shares an intimate and vulnerable moment with another woman who empathizes with him. While nothing happens, it's clear there's more than sexual attraction between them, and it seems Randy could be sparking up an extramarital romance with none other than Eric Cartman's mother, Liane.

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Liane is facing her own family turmoil, with her son lashing out at her for trying to vaccinate him. She's fed up, having been berated and shamed at every turn over the past two decades, and humiliated by Eric calling her every hurtful name in the book. But now, enough is enough, and she heads to Tegridy to buy weed from Randy in hopes of some relief.

Coincidentally, she finds Randy depressed that his wife, Sharon, doesn't approve of his business relationship with China. He could cope with Stan and Shelly taking issue with his selling out, but Sharon wants him to stop, and to move the family back to South Park. While Sharon has her reasons, Randy feels as if she's killing his dream. As he and Liane Cartman commiserate while smoking pot, she laments not having the support of a partner who can help to turn her dreams into reality.

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Randy becomes all sparkly-eyed at Liane's attitude, which stands in contrast to Sharon's, and as he complains how ungrateful family can be,  Liane clearly relates. However, she stops short when he drops hints that they could be on the same page, outside of this discussion. There's undeniable chemistry there, and they seem perfect for each other, which is why Liane nervously bolts. Randy, on the other hand, decides to apologize, not to Sharon, but to his business partner whom he alienated: Towelie.

Liane inspires him to get the dream-maker back at his side, but in the process, Randy is intent on pushing Sharon further away. Interestingly enough, Liane heads back to settle things with Cartman, but, as we know, she's been promiscuous, to the point all the men in South Park were once tested to see who was Eric's father. She may have changed since then, but if she's interested in an affair, it won't take much to pry Randy away from what remains of his marriage.

Starring Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park Season 23 airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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