SOURCE MATERIAL: Captain America and Thor Stories Worthy of the Big Screen

Everybody gets trilogies! That's right -- it looks like Captain America and Thor will be following in the footsteps of their fellow Avenger, Iron Man. Even though dates have not been set, both heroes are on track to get third installments in their own sub-franchises: Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost have been hired to write the third "Thor" film, while Marvel Studios is reportedly so happy with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" that they've asked directors Anthony and Joe Russo to come back for more.

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These films won't hit theaters until 2016 at the earliest, where they'll be part of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They'll both most likely deal with whatever fallout there is from 2015's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," meaning that these third films could be radically different from their predecessors. With that in mind, and even though we don't yet know exactly what the "Avengers" sequel has in store for the two heroes, we figured it's never too early to guess where these solo franchises might be headed!


"The God Butcher"

Thor's been responsible for saving Midgard and all of the Nine Realms in his previous film appearances; for his third movie, it's time to take his heroism to the next level. In Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's epic "God Butcher" storyline, Thor goes up against Gorr, a serial killer obsessed with murdering every deity in the known cosmos. In Thor's quest to stop Gorr, he travels across the universe and meets gods from other planets. To make matters even trippier, he gets a helping hand from the past and future versions of himself, as three Thors fight together through time and space to stop Gorr's bloody mission -- and who wouldn't like to see three different versions of Chris Hemsworth interacting with each other on the big screen?


"The Death of Captain America"

It really depends on how April's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" plays out, but this modern day classic from Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting could thematically close out a solid Cap trilogy. When Steve Rogers gets assassinated, the responsibility for picking up the shield falls on Bucky. With the first two films centered so squarely on the relationship between these brothers in arms, it would make sense to follow that through on the next film. And Chris Evans fans need not worry about the star-spangled Avenger's fate -- after all, there's a resurrection story that could easily be included in the third -- or even fourth -- film as well.


"Ragnarok & Roll"

Every Norse myth heads towards Ragnarok, so why should the "Thor" films be any different? In this classic tale by Walt Simonson, the evil fire demon Surtur claws his way out of Muspelheim and lays claim to Asgard. While the heroes of Earth fight off his invading mini-demons, the combined might of Asgard's mightiest warriors try their best to send Surtur and his oversized sword Twilight to hell -- or Hel, really. With an explosive third act all but guaranteed and plenty of meaty material for Loki, this could make for an epic, fan-pleasing film.


If "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is a buddy-hero movie for Cap and Black Widow, then "Madbomb" would put Anthony Mackie's Falcon front and center alongside Chris Evans. In the original story by Jack Kirby, Captain America and Falcon go up against a radical political movement determined to take back the country through the use of a giant "madbomb" -- a bomb that turns everyone within range into wild rage monsters. A movie based on this story could mix the kind of political commentary "Winter Soldier" looks to contain with some far-fetched sci-fi ideas, the likes of which we've yet to see on this level in a "Cap" film.

"Fear Itself"

Marvel Studios has tried and succeeded with a lot of far out ideas in regards to building an entire super hero universe consisting of interlocking film franchises, so why not concoct a two-part story within the confines of these two trilogy cappers? Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen's event is equal parts Cap and Thor, making it a viable option should a crossover be in the cards. In it, the Red Skull's daughter launches an attack on Washington D.C. using ancient Norse weaponry that turns all of the wielders into powerful, evil gods, a storyline containing plot elements that could be pulled from both "Winter Soldier" and "The Dark World," making it a perfect one-two follow-up to those films.

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