Soulfire: Shadow Magic #4

Story by
Art by
Sana Takeda
Aspen Comics

Discover the early years of SOULFIRE's heroine Grace as the all-new SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC mini-series nears its conclusion!

As the death toll rises in the Sethoru kingdom of Ontiria at the hands of the Rahtumi army, Grace and Kelysn find themselves banished from the fight by General Praedus, and worse yet-lost. The Sethoru tree village of Karthia burns under the might of Treybough and the Rahtumi onslaught, and it's inhabitants face something far worse than death. Meanwhile, the dragon Mooncrest discovers paradise and captivity aren't enough without the presence of his master, Grace. And the kingdom of Empyrea finds it is not immune to the throngs of war as the shadow of death arrives at the very walls of its city!

Featuring the same incredible creative team that brought you the sold out issue Aspen Showcase: Grace #1, writer Vince Hernandez and artist Sana Takeda raise the bar yet again. Make sure to be a part of this next exciting chapter in the SOULFIRE mythology as the fourth and penultimate issue of SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC arrives!

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