Soule & Yu Reignite "Civil War" During "Secret Wars"

The original "Civil War" by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven was a major success for Marvel in 2006 and 2007 -- and with the incoming "Secret Wars" event prompting Marvel to revisit many of its past stories, a new "Civil War" is on the way from a new creative team.

First announced Friday evening by CNN, writer Charles Soule and artist Leinil Yu are set to team on a new "Civil War," presenting a new take on the security vs. freedom conflict between Iron Man and Captain America -- a story that provides the inspiration for 2016 Marvel Studios film "Captain America: Civil War."

"The idea is to take some of the events in the original storyline and spin them off into entirely new stories," Soule told CNN of the new "Civil War," one of many "Secret Wars"-related series set to debut in the coming months. "Without spoiling, this deals with a world that has been ravaged for quite some time when we pick up the story."

"The Registration Act is all in the past at this point," Soule said of the story. "It's more of a world drastically changed based on a superhero war, and it's a huge story and it's fun to be able to involve every Marvel character there is."

No release time frame was mentioned in CNN's story, but given the current solicitation cycle, it's likely Soule and Yu's "Civil War" will debut from Marvel in July 2015.

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