Soule Enters "Secret Wars" with "Inhumans: Attilan Rising"

The next piece of Marvel's "Battleworld" themed "Secret Wars" tie-ins puzzle falls into place, as the publisher announces the arrival of "Inhumans: Attilan Rising," a new ongoing series launching in May.

"My initial concept was 'life during wartime,' looking at the Inhumans from almost a World War 2 French Resistance type of angle," writer Charles Soule told Marvel.com. "The relationships we're used to seeing will be different in this story. Huge drama, spies, glamour, action, betrayal, sabotage; my hope is that it won't feel like anything else out there."

Fans of Soule's current "Inhuman" series can expect to see threads he's been weaving there spreading out into the new "Battleworld"-based title.

"Medusa and Black Bolt are the core of the story," he confirms. "I've been having a great time developing their relationship in 'Inhuman,' but it's been fun to shake things up and think about them in a different way for 'Attilan Rising."

"Inhumans: Attilan Rising," illustrated by John Timms, is the second of Marvel's October 2014 teasers to be announced as a "Secret Wars" related series. Yesterday, the publisher announced Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley's "Ultimate End," a miniseries essentially closing the door and shutting off the lights on the Ultimate Marvel Universe as it crashes into and joins the 616 U.

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