Soule, Asmus & Caselli Join Forces for "All-New Inhumans" Series

This December, Marvel Comics will launch a new series titled "All-New Inhumans" from writers Charles Soule and James Asmus and artist Stefano Caselli. Crystal, Queen Medusa's sister, will lead a team that includes Gorgon, Flint, Naja and Grid as they travel around the world to investigate mysterious objects called "Skyspears," which enhance Inhuman powers.

"These stories follow a diplomatic mission/covert strike team effort lead by Crystal," Asmus explained to Marvel.com. "She's been at the center of the Inhumans, but also served as an Avenger, alongside the Fantastic Four, and even dabbled with the X-Men when she was married to Quicksilver. She's been a constant presence in the Marvel Universe, but leading this faction of NuHumans is her stepping up in a big way."

"'All-New Inhumans' in particular will focus on the strange and dangerous complications that come from a global unleashing of NuHumans," he added. "This book will be the number one way to see exactly how the Marvel Universe is changing as the Terrigen Cloud moves through the world. It's about getting into countries hit by the cloud -- through any means necessary -- to help those who need it, and stop those out to kill/exploit/harvest their fellow NuHumans. But of course, new teams and global politics being what they are, there are a million ways for even the best intentions to go wrong. And maybe not everyone on our team has the best intentions to begin with..."

"Crystal and Gorgon are running their mission directly in coordination with Queen Medusa's vision for the Inhumans, but that doesn't mean Crystal completely sees eye-to-eye with her sister. And when they do have to fully come together, it will be because something has gone very wrong," he continued.

"We're definitely directly building to at least two big, big things that will affect the nature of the wider Marvel Universe as well characters near and far outside of the Inhumans," Soule pitched in.

"I have been having a blast digging into the new characters Charles created, and crafting new ones myself," Asmus said. "I think this book being all about new blood and a new, complex era for the Inhumans makes it a perfect book for anyone who hasn't ventured much into their corner of the Marvel mythology. I've been thrilled and excited by the way comics readership has broadened and invested themselves in new, rich, and genuinely diverse characters. That kind of sincere complexity of characters, worlds, and ideas always defined my favorite books -- and 'All-New Inhumans' has been a dream-come-true chance to do that kind fresh and expansive creation with Marvel."

"Stefano Caselli is onboard!" he shared. "He has long been one of my favorite artists in comics for his incredible blend of rich characterization and absolutely visceral action work. His work is so beautiful, in fact, that I'll try not to cover it up with as many words as I usually do!"

"All-New Inhumans" will be available digitally and at retailers in December.

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