10 Best Soul Eater Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

There are few better ways to show off your love of a fandom, than by cosplaying as your favorite characters. And believe us, there is no shortage of fans and cosplayers of the much beloved series, Soul Eater.

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Soul Eater had a large cast of iconic and memorable characters. The variety in the way the characters looked and acted allowed for us all to have a favorite โ€“ and best of all, give plenty of cosplayers a chance to find their best fit. So without further ado, here are ten of the best Soul Eater cosplays we've found. These cosplayers managed to make themselves look shockingly similar to the characters they're portraying. And we just love it.

10 A Hungry Soul

This cosplay of Soul is showing us what the character does best โ€“ and why the show was named Soul Eater. He's happily devouring a soul. And while that part was edited in, everything else about this cosplay was real. And it looks amazing.

Kotachan_s is the cosplayer behind this image, and they did an excellent job. Not only have they managed to nail the way Soul looks, but they've mastered how he moves and acts. That pose is a classic Soul move, as obviously is the way he takes in souls. And finally, the backdrop for this photo is actually quite perfect, when you think about it.

9 Mother And Child

Medusa and Crona arguably have the most messed up relationship, so perhaps calling them mother and child isn't all that accurate. All of that aside, we're loving this cosplay of these two conflicted characters.

Both cosplayers did a fantastic job with their respective characters here. Kasouwigs is the one cosplaying as Medusa, and we love what she's done here. Subtlety is key, in this piece. The hair and eyes are the icing on the cake though. Meanwhile, Avai_eucliff's Crona is out of this world. Everything from the outfit to the facial expressions is pure perfection with this cosplay.

8 A Battle Ready Maka

This Maka cosplay is outstanding. Though let's not forget that technically Soul is in this piece as well! So extra credit for that addition. I_am_lunastra brought this cosplay of Maka to life, and she's pulling off a classic Maka pose on top of it all.

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This cosplay is showing a lot of attention to detail. Maka's outfit looks deceptively simple, but there are a lot of little pieces to it. And this cosplayer doesn't seem to have missed a single element.

7 A Dynamic Death The Kid

Death the Kid is probably one of the most tempting characters out there to cosplay. His character has a lot of distinct features, and on the whole allows for some creativity โ€“ both in the dressing and in the acting out his character.

Instagram user quuebd nailed this Death the Kid look. The more we look at this piece, the more details we're spotting, and thus the more we're loving it. The hair is the first obvious thing to spot, but then there are the details in the wardrobe and even the way he's holding the guns. All are unique to the character. And all if it is shown here.

6 A Tormented Crona

There are plenty of anime characters out there that require a special bit of attention, or some creative thinking when it comes to their accessories. But there's none out there quite like Crona...and their perpetual tormentor, Ragnorok.

But this cosplayer, ban.cos didn't forget a detail in this cosplay. Ragnorok looks disturbing and amazing, while Crona is looking sad and tortured. Just like we've always expected the pair to look. Honestly, it's pretty hard to look away from this piece.

5 An In Your Face Death The Kid

This version of Death the Kid isn't afraid to look you in the face โ€“ even if they are missing their iconic weapons. While they may not have the fan loved sisters around, everything about this cosplay is really working for us.

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Slinkslonk.cosplay showed us that attention to detail is key, with their vibrant eyes, amazing hair, and a well-designed suit all showing up in this cosplay. And we're just loving it. The person behind the cosplay is also a shockingly good match for the character, thanks to their slim build and facial features. We love it.

4 Calm Spirit

Spirit Albarn is perhaps one of the more overlooked characters when it comes to cosplaying for Soul Eater. That's probably because of all the choices in this anime. But we love that Instagram user cucumbertrasy didn't forget about Spirit.

This is one of those cosplays that looks deceptively simple. When it's done right, it looks easy and flawless. And trust us, it was done right here. This cosplay did an excellent job looking and posing like the anime father we all know and love.

3 A Freaky Stein

Stein is another iconic character from Soul Eater. He's a bit crazy looking, and we mean that in a literal sense. And this cosplayer, luxuriousjones, has absolutely nailed this character. Not only does he look spot on, but he's managed to perfect the slightly unstable look of Stein's.

One of the most notable features about Stein is the giant screw on his head...and his tendency to constantly twist it about. Both of these elements are shown in this photo, and we're got to admit, it's effective. And perfectly creepy.

2 Red-Eyed Soul

We couldn't resist including another Soul cosplay on our list. But in our defense, both Soul cosplays have been perfection. This one was done by seishin_cos, and you can tell that they're a devoted fan of the series and the character.

Their outfit looks exactly like the uniform/clothing Soul is constantly shown wearing in the series, right down to the headband. The red-eye contacts were a brilliant touch as well. And finally, that pose and confidence being shown off in this photo are just pure Soul.

1 Human Blair

Fans of the Soul Eater series know that there are two versions of Blair's character. Her cat form, and her human form. Obviously, most cosplayers are probably going to opt for the human form...but we certainly wouldn't mind seeing some cosplaying cats out there!

Instagram user elfvie_ is rocking the Blair look in this photo. We're not sure what we love more, the pose, the cute little cat bell, the hat, or the hair. Or we could just be sneaky and say that we love all of it. Yeah, let's go with that option.

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