Soul Eater: 10 Differences Between The Anime And The Manga

Soul Eater, an amazing manga and an amazing anime, though both are actually shockingly different, all things considered. Some of the differences are obvious, while others tend to be a bit more subtle. In that sense, it really is just like any other manga that got adapted into anime.We're going to cover the ten biggest changes that Soul Eater faced when it got adapted into an anime. For better or for worse, these changes did occur. Though there are a couple where we're leaning towards the worst. And we're sure that many fans would agree on that count – especially for the biggest change the series had to deal with.Also, before we begin: be aware that this is by no means a complete list. There are dozens upon dozens of changes made between the two distinct series. These are just the ones that we felt to make the biggest impact.

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10 The Souls Being Consumed

Let's start off the list with the most obvious of changes: the anime changed one of the major concepts behind the series. We all know how the students are meant to be tracking down Evil Souls in their quest to become Death Scythes and their makers, yes?Well, in the manga, they are meant to track down and consume Evil Human Souls and One Witch Soul. Specifically, 99 Evil Human Souls, followed by a Witch Soul. In that order. These souls can be found on a list, provided by Death.In the anime, there are Kishin Eggs, and the students are fully capable of sensing these Souls themselves, not needing a list to guidance as to whom to hunt.

9 Black Needle Wavelength

So many animes out there will create a super showy an impressive move – even if they don't exist in the manga. That is the case with Black Needle Wavelength. This is an ability of Death the Kid's that only exists in the anime, and isn't so much as mentioned in the manga.Black Needle Wavelength is Death the Kid in Execution Mode, and seems to be an ability that his weapons (Patty and Liz) can alter the rate and power of – at Death the Kid's command, of course.

8 Justin Law's Betrayal

Do you remember Justin Law? He's the Death Scythe with the impressive and iconic entrance and is most memorably shown with him wearing little skull headphones. His method, goals, and fate are all completely changed from the manga to the anime,In the anime, Justin comes in and stays as a loyal member of the DWMA, and he doesn't seem to waver once. Meanwhile, in the manga, he did, in fact, betray the DWMA by joining Asura. Later on, Stein and Marie killed him.

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7 Soul Becoming a Death Scythe

Soul's status was another significant alteration between the manga and the anime. In the anime, Soul never becomes the Death Scythe he so desperately wanted to become – though we can probably assume that it happens eventually.In the manga, it's another case entirely. Soul did successfully consume his 99 Evil Human Souls and his one Witch Soul. The Witch Soul was none other than Arachne Gorgon, which Maka and Soul killed. This resulted in Soul becoming a Death Scythe.

6 Crona's Role

Crona's fate and entire role in the series end up being altered as well, significantly in some cases. Crona is a complex character, and one that fascinated both readers and watchers, and with good reason. However, the experience did vary greatly.In the anime, Crona used what they learned from Maka to get the courage to stand up to their abusive mother figure, Medusa. This was followed by Crona moving to DWMA, possibly living with Maka and Soul. In the manga, Crona's character isn't so friendly with the group. Not at first, at least. Crona stayed aggressive much longer in the series, but did eventually swap sides towards the end. But they never got a happy ending – they ended up sacrificing themselves as the only way to trap Asura.

5 Mifune's Fate

Mifune is another character who's entire ending was changed. Mifune, aka 'God of the Sword' is possibly one of the showier characters in the series, when it comes to pure skill at least. He was a master level swordsman of epic proportions.In the manga, Black☆ Star is forced (or chooses) to kill Mifune during the battle at Baba Yaga's Castle. During this same series of events in the anime, Black☆ Star merely wounds Mifune, and ultimately lets him go. Mifune later becomes a teacher at the academy – the biggest difference of all, given the circumstances.

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4 Black☆ Star's Quest

Speaking of Black☆ Star, let's talk about the changes to his character and quest. Black☆ Star is one of the most unique and driven characters of the series. Almost annoying so, at times. But did you know that his quest and ultimate goals change, from the manga to the anime?In the manga,Black☆ Star follows the Path of the Warrior (as shown by Mifune), with the long-term goal of eventually becoming a Warrior God. Sounds exactly like Black☆ Star, doesn't it? Meanwhile, in the anime, Black☆ Star creates a path of his own, and eventually ends up with the Red Uncanny Sword.

3 Death's Death

Believe it or not, Death himself faced several challenges during the transition between the manga and the anime. Mainly though, his ultimate fate was changed. Most fans got a sense of foreshadowing the second that Death the Kid was introduced, and as it turns out, with good reason.In the manga, Death dies, passing on his powers to Death the Kid. This was likely his plan all along. But in the anime, instead of a killing blow, Death is merely wounded by Asura. This means that Death the Kid never came into power, another important note.

2 Death the Kid's Vow

One of the resulting changes due to Death not well, dying is how Death the Kid progressed. In the anime, he stayed at the kid we all know him as, more or less. But in the anime, he inherited the powers of his father, making him a Shinigami in truth.After the war is over, towards the end of the manga, Death the Kid makes a very important vow. He vows to stop the whole process of creating Death Scythes. This is something that doesn't even come close to happening in the anime.

1 The Whole Later Part of the Anime

Soul Eater

Perhaps the biggest change of all, is the way the two series diverged. There is a very specific point in time when the manga and the anime split off, becoming two completely different stories, just using the same characters we all know and love.The turning point can be found in one battle: The Battle of Brew marks the point where the two series diverge, as they both conclude the fights differently. From that point on everything else is different as well.

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