Sorkin Wants You To Befriend His <i>Social Network</i> Screenplay

It's one of the most celebrated writing works of the year -- indeed, some have called it the finest work of the man's career -- and now, Aaron Sorkin is presenting his full The Social Network screenplay online, free of charge. Deadline has the exclusive, which comes equipped with a lengthy interview with Sorkin about his writing process.

"I became a writer because at a very early age my parents took me to plays all the time," Sorkin said when asked which comes first, the story or the dialogue. "A lot of the time I was too young to even understand the play. They took me to see Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf when I was nine years old. There was no way I knew what was going on, but I loved the sound of dialogue. It sounded like music to me. And I just wanted to imitate that sound and so to me, what the words sound like is just as important as what they mean."

For aspiring writers and process junkies, getting the chance to view Sorkin's script while hearing him comment on the process is an invaluable opportunity. Definitely check out the interview and give the screenplay a read when you have a chance.

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