Sook's "Futures End" #6 Cover Teases Death of a Titan

DC Comics has posted Ryan Sook's cover for "Futures End" #6, and puts what seems to be a huge spoiler front and center. Superimposed over the image of Red Robin, the keyboard and a mystery woman -- presumably Lois Lane -- are snippets of a headline and body of a newspaper story: "The Last Titan Falls: Red Robin Dead"

Looking closely at the image, it's easy to piece together the first paragraph of Lane's story, which reads:

The losses of the Earth's defenders continued to mount as they battled in defense of Western Eurpoe today. Red Robin, Teen Titan and former associate of the Batman was found dead in a severely bombed section of Paris that saw some of the heaviest fighting of the war to date.

As has become the norm for the series' covers, this one raises more questions about "Futures End" than it answers. Details will begin to come to light on May 2, when DC Comics' "Futures End" #0 Free Comic Book Day 2014 issue launches the series

"Futures End" #6 written by Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire and Brian Azzarello with art by Patrick Zircher hits stores June 11.

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