Sony, Wizard World Ink Deal to Co-Develop Comic-Based Projects

Two unlikely companies have partnered in hopes of bringing more comic book projects to film. Sony Pictures Entertainment has signed an agreement with Wizard World to option and develop new intellectual properties discovered at the latter's pop-culture conventions.

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"We are always looking for new ways to find that next generation of great IP," Jonathan Kadin, Sony's executive vice president, said in a statement. "This deal gives us unique access to the incredible talent that Wizard World can bring to the table, putting us in a prime position to find the stories that break through the clutter."

This agreement will give Sony Pictures access to talent that isn't necessarily visible in the bigger at larger conventions in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego. A formal process has yet to be determined, but The Hollywood Reporter suggests it will begin with pitch sessions. This deal also helps Wizard World get into the world of licensing, retail and location-based entertainment.

Wizard World currently produces nine conventions across the country, from Portland, Oregon, to Chicago to Philadelphia, The company has also announced plans to expand with events in six more cities, including Austin, Texas, Biloxi, Mississippi, and Springfield, Missouri.

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