Sony Uploads Entire Khali the Killer Movie Instead of the Trailer

khali the killer

UPDATE: Khali the Killer has now been removed from the Sony Pictures YouTube channel.

If you've ever complained about studios revealing too much of a film's plot ahead of release, you may want to avoid Sony's new promo for Khali the Killer. That's because, contrary to its labeling on YouTube, it's not the red-band trailer for the DVD and digital release, but instead the entire hour-and-a-half-long movie.

What's presumably an epic mistake inspired the expected, but nevertheless entertaining, jokes -- "Trailer gave the whole plot away. Pass."; "It's just the trailer the whole movie will be 4 hours" -- before some commenters on YouTube began to wonder whether it's a marketing stunt. Others, to their credit, worried about the future of the employee who uploaded the video.

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It certainly doesn't appear to be a gimmick, as the studio seemingly has nothing to gain from offering a film for free while touting its availability in DVD and digital formats (it's worth noting, however, that the film was released on DVD in November 2017). But one has to wonder how a Sony employee tasked with uploading the Khali the Killer trailer didn't notice the process was taking an awfully long time. More than five hours after the video went live, it's still available on the Sony Pictures YouTube channel.

Directed by Jon Matthews, the 2017 film follows an East L.A. hit man who decides to take one last job to help pay for his grandmother's end-of-life care. But when he begins to develop empathy for his intended targets, he's confronted with a difficult decision.

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