Sony's Spider-Verse Plans Include Nighwatch & Jackpot

Sony Pictures plans to reach deep into Spider-Man's library of characters as it expands its fledgling cinematic universe beyond Venom and films starring Morbius the Living Vampire and Kraven the Hunter.

According to Variety, the studio is developing films based on Marvel Comics characters Jackpot and Nightwatch, as well as the previously reported Silk. The search is under way for writers.

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Introduced in 2007 by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez, Jackpot is a 40-something woman named Alana Jobson who creates a formula to give herself superpowers, and then purchases the identity of a former superhero. Nightwatch, meanwhile, was created in 1993 by Terry Kavanaugh, Alex Sauvik and Joe Rubinstein. The character is Kevin Trench, who witnesses a costumed hero die in a battle with terrorists, and unmasks the body, only to discover it's an older version of himself. Taking the costume, which grants him superhuman abilities, Kevin sets out to learn its origins.

Those films hinge on the success of Venom, starring Tom Hardy, which arrives in October.

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