Sony's Spider-Man: 10 Venom-Verse Storylines We'd Like To See On The Big Screen

Sony is in a state of disarray right now after their deal with Disney to co-produce Spider-Man movies is falling apart. Sony balked at sharing profits with Disney after Spider-Man: Far From Home became the studio's first billion-dollar movie. Going solo with the Wall-Crawler again, Sony hopes for better returns than it received with their Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

However, if there is one thing Sony can hang their hats on, it is the success of their Spider-Man spinoff movie Venom. The 2018 release brought in $856 million worldwide, a massive success considering initial expectations. With Venom as a success story, Sony has a chance to bring Spider-Man back into the fold, allowing them to tell more Venom-verse stories than ever before.

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Venom Lethal Protector
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Venom Lethal Protector

Lethal Protector is possibly one of the best Venom storylines in Marvel Comics. It is where Venom went from being a Spider-Man villain and became the anti-hero he has been for much of his existence. The Venom movie hinted at that story when it had Eddie fighting for the little people.

However, to make this work, Venom needs to go to the streets and fight to save the people who really need his help there -- the homeless in California. It is topical and would go a long way in making Venom a public figure instead of the shadowy antihero he was in the first movie.


Venom introduced Cletus Kasady in the post-credit scenes, and there is no way they introduced him without the payoff of giving fans Carnage. Sure, the DCEU introduced Deathstroke and never followed through, but that can't happen here. Even if Sony can't get Woody Harrelson back to play Carnage, he needs to show up.

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Having Spider-Man back could let Sony go all-in on the entire idea of forcing him to team up with Venom to battle the sociopathic Carnage. The subtext in Venom is that Eddie Brock had to move away from NYC. With Peter Parker still a high school student, Sony has to make some changes to their backstory.


This addition could be hard to pull off, but also very cool. For one thing, Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man movies from Disney is not the same as the Flash from the comics. He is not the jock bully and is not the man who ended up going to the military to try to live up to his hero Spider-Man.

With that said, Agent Venom doesn't have to be Flash Thompson. It can be any military man, and having the military use one of the symbiotes to create a super-soldier is a fantastic idea. Having Agent Venom battle Venom isn't the best idea, but a standalone spin-off with Agent Venom could be very cool.



Venom brought in the fact that the symbiotes are aliens who came to Earth to take over. However, while there were more than just two of them, the main focus was on Venom vs. Riot. Taking that idea and showing the other symbiotes like Scream, Agony, Lasher, and Phage, and having them survive somehow could lead to Separation Anxiety.

In this story, the five symbiote spawns created by the Life Foundation bust an arrested Eddie Brock out, but they have nefarious plans for him. The entire thing turns into a mystery as one-by-one, someone is killing each symbiote's host.


You can't mention Venom-verse story ideas for movies without listing Venomverse, the Marvel Comics storyline. This option is not possible because Sony doesn't seem to want to work with Marvel anymore, but it would be amazing to see up on the big screen.

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The story starts when Venom disappears from our world and ends up in an alternate dimension. Think about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where multiple versions of Spider-Man band together to fight a common enemy. In this case, Doctor Strange summons all the Venoms and Poisons to battle a common enemy. The difference is that each Venom has taken over a different hero, including Rocket Raccoon, Ghost Rider, and Captain America.


Speaking of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it not only introduced the multiverse on the big screen, but it introduced the Ultimate Marvel Universe with Miles Morales as the Earth in that world. While Sony can't use The Ultimates, even in a cartoon movie, they can use the Spider-Man villains.

That includes a very different Venom. In this world, Eddie Brock's dad and Peter Parker's dad worked together before their deaths and created the symbiotes. Eddie feels it is his birthright to possess and use it, but Peter was against it. With Parker dead, it could be Eddie using it and facing Miles Morales in a future Spider-Verse animated crossover with the Venom-verse.


Not all the movies in the Venom-verse have to be about Venom. Remember, this is just the name that Sony has given its overarching world, which includes the upcoming Morbius and maybe eventually the Black and Silver movie as well. With that in mind, Marvel has proven that adding fun movies can improve fan support and box office.

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Introduced originally in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Gwen is a character with a ton of possibilities. Adding Spider-Gwen into the Venom-verse would give Sony a strong female lead in a movie that could provide a ton of entertainment. The world needs Spider-Gwen.


This Venom story would have to arrive down the line, but this would be a way to show how dangerous the symbiotes could be in the wrong hands. Eddie Brock got rid of the symbiote once and for all. As a result, he was dying from cancer since it was the only thing keeping him alive.

However, amazingly, he was cured by a man who he worked for in a soup kitchen (later learned to be the evil Mister Negative). The Scorpion gained the Venom symbiote and was a truly evil villain with it. When he encountered Eddie Brock, Venom wanted to return. However, the cure kept him out and turned Brock into Anti-Venom, a new hero immune to many of the original Venom's weaknesses.



Bringing all the spider character together for a Spider-Island event is a huge task that could give Sony its version of the Infinity War storyline from Marvel. This event brought almost all the Spider-Man characters into action as hundreds of New York citizens develope spider-powers.

What makes this story so interesting from Venom's point of view is that Eddie Brock is more of a hero here than Spider-Man. It is Eddie as Anti-Venom that gives up his powers to save everyone in NYC. Flash's Agent Venom is also a massive part of this story as well.


If Spider-Man and Venom co-exist in the Venom-verse after the Sony and Disney split, they have to find a way to make this happen. The two can't immediately head into Maximum Carnage. Nothing has set the two heroes up together, which has to happen first or else the Batman V. Superman problems arise.

Dead Meat is an excellent way to bring them together. Eddie Brock has made his name as a hero in the first movie. However, there is no reason the symbiote can't go dark when it sees Spider-Man. Dead Meat shows how dangerous Venom can be and shows that he is much stronger than Spider-Man ever dreamed of being.

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