Sony Preps Green Lantern Expansion For "DC Universe Online"

While Sony Online Entertainment's "DC Universe Online" has received its fair share of updates over the past few months, it will finally get its first big downloadable content pack later this summer when the power of the Green Lantern Corps shines down upon the massive multiplayer action game.

The pack, sub-titled "Fight For the Light," features an abundant amount of goodies ripped straight from the Green Lantern universe, including new power-ups for heroes and villains alike, along with additional Green Lanterns, including Kyle Rayner, Sinestro and Guy Gardner.

The primary new feature that will affect "DC Universe Online's" gameplay is the introduction of light powers, as wielded by the GLC throughout the universe. Heroes can translate these into will powers, making them stronger on the battlefield, while villains will be able to take advantage of the yellow fear powers, strengthening themselves against weaker parties.

Once these powers are in use, players can form a series of Constructs to aid them with combo attacks. For instance, let's say Batman is armed with will powers. Using a Construct, he'll be able to generate instruments tied in directly with his style of battle. Though SOE didn't specify what these objects were, we're guessing some sort of Bat symbol will pop up and pummel someone into submission. We'll see.

The majority of the game's new content will be broken up into four areas. Three will be made specifically for four-players teams, while the fourth will only be for two players. Star Labs is playable by both teams, as heroes and villains fight their way through a series of enemies and wrap up the Green Lantern story arc. In addition, Coast City, the home of Hal Jordan, will also be available to play in, with a series of missions, raids and an encounter with Red Lanterns as led by Atrocitus. Last but not least, the home world of the Lanterns, Oa, will be introduced. Here, a prison break will take place, and players can either stop the prisoners from escaping or aid them to freedom.

The "Fight For the Light" pack is expected to be released later this summer for both PC and PlayStation 3, priced at $9.99. SOE has also stated that several more DLC packs will be available in the months to come, introducing even more new worlds and heroes to battle with.

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