Sony Offers First Details About Next-Gen PlayStation Console

The PlayStation has been one of the premiere video game systems since the late 1990s, with each successive piece of hardware improving and escalating the potential power of the console. Now, new details suggest the next incarnation of the system will be by far the most powerful one yet.

According to Wired, the system, which doesn't have a name but will most likely be PlayStation 5, is currently in development at Sony. It will apparently be a significant step forward for the PlayStation and will introduce major advancements to the console.

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This includes enough computing power to support Ray Tracing, which allows the system to better model light and to simulate complex movements and interactions in fully 3D environments. It's a common tool in films that incorporates heavy visual effects, but no gaming console has had the power to support it. The system will also feature a solid-state drive, which will help with loading times.

The console is not expected to be released in 2019, and there's no indication that it'll even be ready in 2020. However, Sony has reportedly accelerated the deployment of devkits so game designers and studios will be able to adjust to the changes to the console.

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