Sony Plans To Access "Full World" of Spider-Man Characters for Film

Director Marc Webb's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" will expand the wall-crawler's movie rogues gallery by two, with Jamie Foxx taking on the role of Electro and Paul Giamatti on board to portray the Rhino -- not to mention Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn, the man who becomes the Green Goblin. Despite the massive influx of characters for the sequel, The Wrap reports Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal as stating more expansion of the studio's Spider-verse may be on the way.

"We are going to access Marvel's full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains," Pascal said during a recent investor presentation.

Pascal's comments line up with comments from Webb in July about the future of the franchise, saying that "Amazing Spider-Man 4" "might not just be a Spider-Man movie."

"I think this was conceived of as a trilogy so there was a defined architecture to the story we were telling and we had sort of a rough outline of what was going to happen," the director told Crave Online. "I think the fourth movie, what we've discovered is that there are so many ancillary characters, that have enormous cinematic potential that there may be other ways to exploit those characters, in a way that is exciting and fun and worthwhile."

Opening May 2, 2014 and directed by Marc Webb, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" features Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, Chris Cooper, Dane DeHaan and Colm Feore.

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