Sony Pictures recalls Spider-Man promotional material featuring WTC

CBR News has just received a release from Sony pictures requesting the recall of materials promoting the Spider-Man movie. Fans will recall that the teaser trailer prominently features the World Trade Center. The teaser poster, also uses the image of the building. Here's the statement from Sony:

"Due to the devastating events that took place yesterday and out of respect for those involved, Sony Pictures Entertainment is requesting that all Spider-Man teaser posters and trailers be taken down and returned to the studio.

"Our profound sympathy goes out to the friends and families of those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy."

In related news Variety reports that the terrorist act is causing Hollywood to reschedule and rework many projects. Arnold Schwarzenegger's October release Collateral Damage, which involves a skyscraper destroyed by a bomb, may be scrapped. Barry Sonnenfeld's Big Trouble has also been pushed back from it's September 21 release.

New terrorist-related TV shows Alias, The Agency and 24, all set to debut in the coming weeks, may be delayed. Terror, a Law & Order mini-series examining terrorist acts, will likely be scrapped altogether.

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