Sony Pictures Eyes 'Danger Mouse' for an Animated Film

Shortly following the television show's United Kingdom debut, Sony Pictures has picked up "Danger Mouse" for an animated feature. According to Tracking Board, the movie may offer clues about the origins of the titular character. Original Film, Fremantle Media and Neal Mortiz will produce.

Originally airing from 1981 to 1992, "Danger Mouse" followed the exploits of the world’s best secret agent and his timid assistant Penfold, who had a tendency to get in the way or, worse, get kidnapped.

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Announced last year, the new series updates the world’s greatest super-spy for the 21st century. Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon star as Danger Mouse and Penfold, joined by Stephen Fry as Colonel K, Ed Gaughan as Baron Silas von Greenback, David Lamb as Stiletto Mafiosa and the Narrator, Rasmus Hardiker as Count Duckula, John Oliver as Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III, and Lena Headey as Jeopardy Mouse.


The updated series currently airs on CBBC and will be available on Netflix this spring.

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