REPORT: Sony's Harbinger Film Has Found a Director

Sony is looking to bring in new blood to helm its forthcoming Harbinger film.

According to That Hashtag Show, Sony Pictures is reportedly eyeing director Justin Tipping to helm Harbinger, the second of the studio's planned five movies featuring characters from Valiant Comics. The news comes as Bloodshot, starring Vin Diesel, appears to have wrapped production after an extensive shoot in Africa. As with that film, which was helmed by Dave Wilson, Sony looks to be sticking to up and coming directors to try and build its Valiant cinematic universe.

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Tipping's previous credits include the shorts Nani and Swimming in Air. He also directed the TBS comedy pilot, Twenties, as well as one episode of The Chi. Harbinger would mark his first studio feature. Tipping, of course, was brought onto the project back in 2017 as one of the film's new writers, alongside his frequent collaborator, Joshua Beirne-Golden. If the report turns out to be true, then Tipping's work on the script was enough for Sony to be confident in his ability to visualize it on the big screen.

That Hashtag Show reports Harbinger is set to feature Peter "Sting" Stanchek, along with Joe Irons, Kris Hathaway, Faith Hebert aka Zephyr and Charlene Dupre aka Flamingo, as they work together to take down Toyo Harada as he tries to take over the planet. The film will be based on the comics of the same name, which first debuted back in 1992 and ran through June 1995 before being relaunched by Valiant in June 2012 and running for another two years.

Following Bloodshot and Harbinger, Sony intends to bring the two characters together in Harbinger Wars. Other films currently planned as part of the studio's five-film deal are Archer & Armstrong and Shadowman -- although both appear to still be in the early stages of development.

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The Harbinger movie was originally slated to hit theaters this year, but was ultimately pushed from Sony's release schedule. As of now, it currently does not have a release date.

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