Sony Eyeing Matthew McConaughey to Lead 'The Dark Tower'

According to TheWrap, Sony wants Matthew McConaughey to play either gunslinger Roland Deschain or the villainous Man in Black in the film adaptation of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower."

The report states that, though McConaughey has been offered both roles, he appears more interested in playing the Man in Black. However, while both parties appear interested, the negotiations are in an early phase.

"The Dark Tower" follows Deschain as he attempts to locate the titular Dark Tower, which serves as the nexus as the universe. The gunslinger isn't alone in his quest; evil forces also seek the Tower so that they can destroy it, thereby ending all existence.

The ambitious project, which calls for a movie trilogy and interlocking television miniseries, was abandoned in 2011 by NBC Universal following delays over the budget, only to be shopped around for years by producer Imagine Entertainment as it sought new financing and a new home. Sony Pictures and Media Rights Capital finally stepped up in April, announcing this first film, written by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner, and based largely on the first novel “The Gunslinger.” Nikolaj Arcel will direct.

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