Sony Chairman Explains the Significance of "Spider-Man: Homecoming's" Title & More

After 14 years of Sony-helmed "Spider-Man" films, the Wall Crawler is coming home -- kind of. Last year, Sony struck a deal with Marvel Studios that gives both studios control of the character, and "Spider-Man: Homecoming" -- the first joint Spider-film -- just recently kicked off filming in Atlanta. During the "Ghostbusters" premiere, Sony Chairman Tom Rothman heaped praise on Tom Holland's performance as Spider-Man, explained just where "Spider-Man: Homecoming's" title came from and more.

"[The title] is relevant to the story because it takes place in high school and there is a scene... at a homecoming dance," Rothman told IGN. "I've actually seen the dailies of it because we already did the high school shooting of it in the first couple weeks. It's fantastic! But it's also a homecoming to Marvel. And a homecoming to the cinematic universe that Spider-Man belongs in. So it's a pretty unprecedented deal between two studios, but we're really proud of it. And all I can tell you is, those guys at Marvel -- I think the technical term is, 'They know their shit.'"

"We're really, really fortunate on this because Marvel and Kevin Feige have really embraced the character, and nobody knows it as well as Marvel. It is another crown jewel of Sony's for sure," he added.

As to why Holland's Spider-Man will be the best yet, Rothman shared, "This is that character in all of its youthful complications and I have to save the world and get my chemistry homework done."

Directed by Jon Watts, from a script by "Vacation's" Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley, and starring Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Michael Barbieri, Kenneth Choi, Tony Revolori, Marisa Tomei, Martin Starr, Hannibal Buress, Abraham Attah, and many others, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" is slated for a for a July 7, 2017 release.

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