Sony Can Remember <i>Total Recall</i> For You, Wholesale

Even as MGM's financial woes end hopes of remaking Robocop, another twenty-year-old sci-fi action movie has taken its place in the line: Sony have hired Underworld's Len Wiseman to remake Total Recall.

Recall, the 1990 adaptation of Philip K. Dick's short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale," was at the time criticized for the liberties it had taken in bringing Dick's much-smaller-scale, more intricate and paranoid story to screen - liberties that started with casting Arnold Schwarzenegger as the originally mild-mannered protagonist. So far, there are no details about whether the new Recall will try to be more faithful to Dick's original story, although considering Wiseman's previous projects, I'm skeptical.

The script for the new movie will be written by Kurt Wimmer, writer of current Angelina Jolie spy thriller Salt, as well as Ultraviolet.

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