'Sons of Anarchy' Trailer: 'Clay Would Do Anything to Stay Alive'

Something is rotten in the town of Charming.

The bikers of SAMCRO are torn in half when Sons of Anarchy returns to FX for its sixth season on Sept. 10. A new trailer offers the first look at footage from the upcoming season, including brief glimpses of characters like Nero Padilla and the rivalry between old friends Chibs and Juice. The biggest reveal of all, however, is two of the show's key characters — Clay Morrow and Tara Knowles Teller — behind bars, giving the recently popular term "orange is the new black" new meaning. At one point, Jax is asked if Clay in prison is going to prove problematic for the club.

"I think Clay would do anything to stay alive," Jax answers, a clear sign that he's ready to let his step-father ride off to the great beyond.

The trailer is a sign of the grim, dark happenings surrounding the club this season. If after all that you need a lighter look at Sons of Anarchy, well, look no further than the amazing video below.

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