'Sons of Anarchy' Gets Violent With Slow-Motion Season 6 Teaser

Fists are flying in the first look at the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy.

FX has released a teaser trailer for the sixth year of Kurt Sutter's biker drama, and it's a violent one: All of the main players in the world of Charming, California, are crowded together, pushing and pulling and punching in slow-motion. It's interesting to see who each character is aiming their aggression at: Jax is punching downward at no one in particular, for example, while Clay is choking him from behind. But is he trying to get the upper-hand on Jax? Or is he trying to rein him in?

It's an interesting time for Sons of Anarchy: Sutter has long declared a seven-year plan, which puts us right up against the penultimate season. Jax remains at the head of the table after a rocky season five that saw his best friend get killed and his wife get thrown in jail. Tara isn't the only one behind bars, either, as Clay found himself in cuffs at the end of season five. And that's not even mentioning Tig's post-traumatic stress after the fiery death of his daughter, or the major secret Juice is still carrying around — a secret that could still blow up in his face if Jax or Clay tell the wrong people.

How all of that gets resolved is anyone's guess. But if the season six teaser is any indication, the answers will be bloody — exactly as it should be in the world of SAMCRO.

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