Sonambulo, Constantine, American Splendor, Marvel v Sony, Hulk: Comics2Film wrap for August 5, 2003


ICv2reports that Rafael Navarro's indie comic "Masks of Sonambulo" hasthrown a flying suflex on producer Sergio Aguero. 

Aguero, who produced the hit Mexican movie "Y tu Mamá También,"is reportedly developing a movie based on the comic.

The book features the adventures of a lucha wrestler who is beaten and leftfor dead. When he awakens after a decades-long slumber he finds that he can readpeople's dreams but cannot sleep himself. He retires from wrestling and uses hisabilities as a private detective.



AVarietyarticle detailing a recent deal concerning filmmaker Frank Cappello sheds somelight on the development of the "Constantine" movie.

The article states that Warner Bros. Pictures' "Constantine" is dueto begin production in September. However, at this point Keanu Reeves, who willplay John Constantine, is the only cast member attached to that film.

The focus of the article is that Cappello is now on tap to write and directan original film based on his "Voices" pitch for New RegencyProductions.



IGNFilmForce presents an in-depth interview with actor Paul Giamatti, who starsin this month's comic-to-film, "American Splendor."

Giamatti told FilmForce that he's happy with the reaction people are havingto his turn as grumpy comic scribe Harvey Pekar in the movie.

"Everything I've heard about the movie has been great. People reallylike this movie, which is great," Giamatti said. "For me, thedifference is I get to go home at night. He has to be like that all the time.He's not a happy guy. He's had a miserable life."

The actor later continued, "He had cancer, and he came back thoughrecently. But for a guy like that, it doesn't matter. He's happy that he beatthe cancer. But he's still miserable.

"I mean, this is the kind of [movie] in which you're happy, and lucky,to do. This kind of thing doesn't come along very often. And the fact that itactually works and succeeds as a movie is sort of icing on the cake. It couldhave very easily just not have worked at all."

"American Splendor" debuts in New York, Los Angeles and Clevelandon August 15th, with a wider release to follow.



For the second time, Marvel has lost its appeal to have it's case againstSony heard by a Jury reports theHollywood Reporter.

On Monday, a California appeals court has rejected a bid by MarvelEnterprises to have its "Spider-Man" contract dispute with SonyPictures Entertainment heard by a jury instead of a private judge. This is thesecond time the comic giant has appealed the ruling and lost.

Marvel still has the option of appealing the ruling once again at theCalifornia Supreme Court level. Regardless, Marvel attorney Christine Pagacsaid. "We're delighted to be going forward with this case in anyform."


"The Hulk" is ringing up receipts overseas, according to ScreenDaily.com,but continues to perform below studio hopes.

The movie took in $2.6million from 2,180 sites in 25 countries over theweekend, raising its international running total to $87.2 million. That figureincludes a bow in Japan where big green collected just $1.2 million in 432theaters.

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