Something Interesting When You Look at the Current Volume of Teen Titans

While I was counting cover appearances for the Top Five Titans Cover Appearances by Characters bit, I was struck by something in the current volume of Teen Titans.

Now, naturally, lineups of teams are going to constantly be in flux. It can't be helped, especially at modern day DC, where characters are torn from books on a seemingly daily basis due to editorial fiat. But you don't really appreciate how rampant the Teen Titans roster overhaul has been until you're flipping through the covers in a row.

Come see what I mean...

First off, while we can quibble what counts as a "lineup change," the best way I think is to use the comic itself. When THEY highlight a new lineup, that is a good sign that a "lineup change" has occurred.


Okay, so the series opens up with the line-up of Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy and Wonder Girl, supported by "classic" Titans Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire (the #1 lineup did not form right away).

This lineup was around for the first few years of the series (with occasional temporary absences).

Then Infinite Crisis happened - Superboy was dead and Kid Flash was aged to become Flash. So THIS became the Teen Titans...

So that's 33 issues between line-up changes.

Next change we see is Teen Titans #41...

7 issues.

Next is Teen Titans #50...

9 issues.

Next is Teen Titans #69...

19 issues (although I'd say that's a bit misleading, as the #50 lineup lost Supergirl very early on and Miss Martian by issue #61 - to wit, Robin was looking for new members in issue #66 and he doesn't even end up ON the #69 lineup!).


Next is Teen Titans #76...

6 issues.

Next is Teen Titans #82...

6 issues.

Next is Teen Titans #88...

6 issues.

I imagine the #88 lineup will stick together for some time, as it is basically the lineup from #1 (yes, the new Robin will be joining soon, as well) and that appears to basically be the lineup from issue #1. The "big guns" lineup, as it were.

Isn't it funny how so many changes just to get back to pretty much where they started off?

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