Someone Else on Seven Soldiers...

My pal Stony was just telling me this, and I thought it was funny enough to post here:

So I picked up this comic that came out the other day SEVEN SOLDIERS #1 thinking "Ooh! A new title for me to try!" Only to learn that it was actually the ending of the title... Kidding. I've been following the whole thing. I think I read it by mini-series, waiting until each series completed and yeah I liked it, some more than others.

And then I scanned Brian's post about #1 where he said he read Seven Soldiers all over again and said some sycophantic-esque prose like "Man... that totally, I mean, man... the way GOD laid it out! Awesome! J"

And I thought "Yeah yeah yeah Brian, I mean, DUH! It's going to be pretty obvious that the SAME guy who wrote it all is going to have a few links and crossovers, I mean... you'd have to be a piss poor writer not to!"

I figured it was just Brian pro-Morrison hype.

But I decided to read it in order anyway...


Brian was right.

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