Someone built a life-size 'Star Wars' AT-ST, and it's amazing

You really have to question the thinking of the Galactic Empire's engineers, who designed enormous AT-AT walkers that can be tripped up by tow cables and a planet-destroying Death Star that can be destroyed by a lucky shot from a single X-wing.

Such is the case with the two-legged All Terrain Scout Transport, which embarrassingly met its match in the Ewoks on Endor. However, as unsteady as it may be, you have to admit it looks really cool. So, obviously, if you saw an AT-ST in your neighborhood, you'd want a closer look, right?

That's certainly what "Mr. Kernish" did. After spotting a 27-foot AT-ST in someone's backyard several months ago, he finally worked up the nerve to ask the owner for a closeup look at the full-scale replica of the Empire's chicken walker -- and it's more awesome than we could've imagined.

As the video below shows, the eye ports open and close, and the gun turrets move (complete with sound effects). According to The Verge, the cockpit is lined with circuit boards and circuitry, while solar panels above the entry port power the laser cannons. There's even a lightsaber attached next to the emergency stop button, presumably for an Sith passengers who might've forgotten theirs at home.

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