Some Writing Stars Who Won't Be Featured This Month

There are a few writers who really run on the edge of being way too well known to feature in something like this. But still, they're not at the level of recognizability of, say, a Brian Michael Bendis or an Alan Moore or a Mark Millar, so I thought it'd be nice to give them a quick shout out here.

So here are some great current writing stars who won't be featured this month:

Jeff Parker - Great writer with a really good sense of humor and a strong sense for storytelling (I particularly love his dense stories).

Paul Cornell - A lot of interesting ideas and strong character work, especially on minor characters (he also introduced one of Marvel's coolest new characters - Dr. Faiza Hussain (Cornell had already introduced another cool Marvel character, John the Skrull)).


Fred Van Lente - The guy has his own holiday here, naming him a writing star, too, seemed overkill.

Greg Pak - He has a really nice way of telling a story, as well, a lot like Parker, really.

Jason Aaron - Doesn't everyone talk about how great he is? If not, they should, because he is. Heck, he might be too big for this list, even!

Matt Fraction - Definitely too big for this list, but I figured I should mention him, as well (Brubaker is DEFINITELY too big of a name for this list).

Gail Simone - She's, like, one of DC's ten biggest names right now.

Terry Moore - Way too famous, right?

David Lapham - I think he's too famous for this list, too.


Kevin Huizenga - See Lapham.

Brian Wood - See Lapham.

Alex Robinson - See Lapham.

That's all I could think of, offhand. Really, it was Parker and Cornell that I was mostly thinking of - I didn't want folks to think I was excluding those two because I don't dig their stuff - I do, a lot. I just think they're both too well-known right now.

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