Some stuff to watch for on CBR's front page!

Well, besides Lying in the Gutters, as you don't need ME to tell you to look out for Lying in the Gutters.

Starting Monday, the top five artists and writers in the CBR's Top 100 All-Time Artists and writers Countdown will appear on the front page. Monday will be the #5 artist and #5 writer, Tuesday the #4 artist and the #4 writer, Wednesday the #3 artist and the #3 writer, Thursday the #2 and #1 artist and Friday the #2 and #1 writer.

Erik Larsen has a very nice column on the front page about John Byrne. The column rambles a bit, but it's a heartfelt examination of Byrne's career, with some nice insights. Good job by Larsen.

Also, DC solicits will be up at 5pm Eastern time.

Wow...that's a lot of neat stuff for you on CBR's front page on a Monday!!

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