Some Serious Political Questions

Is anyone going to buy these?

If so; why? Not being sarcastic, I'd just like to know. Is it curiousity, out of adoration for one of the candidates. Surely there are people who collect Obama memorablia (Obamabilia?) out there, even if that means maybe having to buy this. If not for the simmering racism, I probably would have bought that for my dog, since she loves socks. She's a white dog, so I guess that would have just been all kinds of bad symbolism.

Did you just always want to see J. Scott Campbell draw John McCain? I mean, I could see reading Danger Girl and saying "You know what would make this comic with all the titilation, Sean Connery, robo-Nazis, and apparently Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow better? John McCain!" Because really; John McCain would probably totally approve of Danger Girl, I bet. Hell, Sarah Palin pretty much is a character in that book. Partially because the d

I'm sort of interested in these comics, snarky snark snarking aside. The only comic I own in this vein is that Pope John Paul thing Steven Grant wrote for (with?) Marvel in the '80s. I've never even read the thing, I just liked the novelty of it. I probably ought to actually dig it out of the comic box some day and check it out. Are these things that people are interested in reading? As an undecided voter, I should probably read both. I mean, it's got to be sort of socially acceptable at this point to base my vote on a comic book now, right? Or is that only if it was produced as a GN and became a big movie? I AM SO CONFUSED!

And really, when you start sampling Dan Coyle, it's time to head out.

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