Some highlights from Inktober

I was sad to see the month of October end, as it also meant Inktober drew to a close. Inktober, launched by Jake Parker in 2009, started as a challenge to "improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year."

In recognition of Inktober wrapping up, I decided to select some of my favorite Inktober pieces.

I heartily recommend you check out the entire month's worth of everyone's Inktober work. But in the case of Jackie Lewis, I was astounded how she went about creating a monster universe with her Inktober initiative, Your Daily Monster. In addition to the art pieces, she also wrote blurbs for each character. For example, for the character above:

Lawrence has been a construction worker for fifteen years now. His dad passed away six months ago, and, since then, he’s become more and more philosophical. He never gave much thought to his job, but now Lawrence finds himself in awe of the mundane. He misses his dad a lot.

Lewis killed me with that last line "He misses his dad a lot." I am pleased to report Lewis will collect all of her pieces into a mini that she will ultimately sell. I actually hope she ultimately does a full story with any and all of these characters.

I did not discover all of these great Inktober pieces on my own, I need to thank ; and  for their respective tips. 

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